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Boomer Banks Cock Replica Dildo (Rating: 5/5)

Excellent toy. Unlike many other replicas which clearly are exaggerations especially when it come to width, this toy is awesome. The width is perfect. I pop that baby on any slick service and know I’m in for a real treat. It is so long that it hits spots I had never been able to get to before. I take it slowly and start rocking back and forth and before you know it it’s in there balls deep. I’ve fantasizes for so long about being fucked by Boomer and I guess this is as close as it gets for me. I barely need to stroke myself as I’m riding this toy. Legs quivering and much stronger and longer orgasms from the penetration. Definitely my new favorite toy and shower buddy!
Reviewed By: Toy Lover

View Item  Price: $ 54.72

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