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Colossal Dong Blackballed (Rating: 5/5)

I have been fucking huge cocks for a couple of years now and have close to 50 really big cocks!!! This cock is really big , like 2.9″ thick shaft and 10″ insertable . The site says is 5″ wide , that migh be the balls and shaft combined but the shaft is right at 2.9″ thick. I love getting fucked by this cock. I can swallow the whole cock in my ass a bunch of times. I love to get in the shower and back up to it and fuck it every morning . God it feels so good getting this thick shaft inside my hole!!!! I wish they would make a cock like this but thicker ,like 3.2″ thick shaft so I can stretch my hole even wider!!!!!
Reviewed By: Bigcock

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