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My Real Breast Size 4 (approx. D cup) – Fair Skin Tone

My Real Breast Size 4 (approx. D cup) – Fair Skin Tone

My Real Breast Size 4 (approx. D cup) – Fair Skin Tone

My Real Breast is a line of ultra realistic wearable breast forms available in multiple sizes and 6 standard skin tones: fair, medium, tan, Asian, light-African and dark-African. These colors encompass most natural skin tones. In addition, you may custom blend the silicone color with your skin using blushes and/or foundation make up powders, or alcohol based body inks. Our product is perfect for anyone desiring to emulate the look and feel of natural breasts. Whether you’re crossdressing, a transgender individual, or a woman looking for fuller breasts, we have the perfect solution here! MY REAL BREAST Fits Anyone! If you are unsure of your skin tone, include the sample palette with your order and we will send you samples of silicone breasts that you can compare to your own skin tone, enabling you to make the choice that is right for you. We can even custom blend colors based on which samples are closest to your complexion. In addition, we offer custom airbrush finishing and detailing for those who wish to take the big breast forms to their maximum effect. MY REAL BREAST are available is both individual breasts and a one-piece big breast forms, including both breasts in one product. The individual breasts are advised for novice clients and for those who desire more control over the placement of each breast on the chest. The one piece prosthesis, while requiring more skill to apply, creates a more seamless illusion and is advised for use with low cut tops and to create the illusion of cleavage. Breast Form Material Our breast prosthesis products feel remarkably lifelike, especially once they have absorbed the wearer’s body temperature. With our products it is possible to create illusions that before now were impossible, to live out fantasies that once were unobtainable. Custom Airbrush Detailing Option Our custom airbrush option includes hand applied skin tone and texture variations, subtle washes of layered color on both breast and nipple, airbrushed veins (very subtle!), and freckles and/or moles IF DESIRED. NOTE: If the client does not indicate weather they want any freckles or moles, a tasteful amount will be added by default for realism. With the custom option, the client can also indicate (if desired) specific requests for nipple and/or areola size, color, etc. If no special request is made in this, we will apply the default nipple for the specific size of breast. Please specify any special request with your order details. Standard Care Kit A standard care kit is included with your Real Breasts order containing: medical adhesive, skin prep wipes (helps adhesion and protects skin) and adhesive remover and adhesive remover wipes. The deluxe care kit upgrade adds a additional hollister spray adhesive and spray remover to your order. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are these Attachable Breast Forms difficult to put on? A: Applying My Real Breast is easy; The backside of each product is tacky, so you may first place each Breast and be sure that they are evenly positioned. Once you have achieved proper placement, apply the recommended medical adhesives to the thin encapsulator flange in 2″- 3″ sections at a time, pull the edge out, and firmly press to the skin. By keeping the edges tight, the transition between the Breast and your skin will be less noticeable, and wrinkles will be avoided. Each Breast will take approximately 10 minutes to fully secure using this method. We also recommend trying third party adhesives including water based lubes especially if you perspire a lot. Q: How long can I wear My Real Breast? A: Silicone breasts can be used many times with careful removal and cleaning in between uses. Proper removal of your Breasts requires patience: Pull them off slowly to avoid tearing the thin encapsulator outer skin, and use a recommended medical adhesive remover to aid in removal and cleaning. Also, be sure to store your Breasts on the chest form it was shipped with to avoid warping or distortion in between uses. Real Breasts were designed with realism and illusion as a primary function, unlike other breast forms on the market; A degree of care will be necessary to achieve the maximum number of uses for these products. Q: What makes these attachable breast forms different from others on the market? A: The primary difference in our breast prosthesis products are the purpose for which they were created: TRUE illusion. Once applied to your body, these Real Breasts become a visible and tactile part of you, rather than an obvious “stuck on” appearing breast form. Other breast forms are made to create an illusion UNDER clothing, which hides the separation between the breast form and your body. My Real Breast creates a convincing illusion — in look AND feel — even when your clothing comes off; The look and feel of these breasts is as close to reality as you will get without surgically changing your body. We do not encase our silicone gel with plastic like other breast forms, which wrinkles unnaturally and tends to have a shiny, unrealistic surface; My Real Breast is made with an ultra thin silicone outer membrane, which has the soft look and feel of human skin. Q: You offer 4 sizes of breasts; are these cup sizes? A: My Real Breast comes in 4 standard sizes: 1, 2, 3, and 4; Actual cup sizes will vary depending on the individual wearing them, as your chest measurement and underlying tissue will play a large role in determining what bra size will fit properly. Some trial and error may be necessary to find your resultant bra and cup size once you receive your My Real Breast. For example, a client with a 36″ chest wearing our largest forms (size 4) will likely need a 36DD bra, while a client with a 38″ chest wearing the same forms will probably fit into a 38D bra.

Weight – 1031 grams 
Nipple to Bottom – 5″ 
Top To Bottom – 9 1/2″ 
Side to Side – 12 1/2″ 
Protrusion Size – 10 inches 

**This product will be made when your order is received. This order is non-cancellable once we put your order into process. We will take up to 2 business weeks to manufacture the product prior to shipping. Under certain circumstances we make take longer to ship, such as right before the holidays and at other peak production periods. Thank you in advance for understanding that we are not an “off the shelf” manufacturer. Our products are made in the USA.**
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